City schools issue advisory amid Covid, dengue concerns

With multiple illnesses on the rise, schools in the capital are issuing advisories to parents to exercise caution.
Sanskriti School had last week issued an advisory with information on Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, and on Wednesday, issued another on dengue and other vector-borne diseases. It has informed parents that the school is fumigating classrooms and open spaces once a week and taking preventive measures against waterlogging on and around the school premises. It has also advised parents to dress students in clothes that cover their arms and legs for protection against mosquitoes.
In Mount Abu Public School Rohini, the administration has issued a general advisory on health measures to parents. “It’s not specific to any illness, just a word to maintain some caution such as avoid sending a child to school if he or she or someone in the family is unwell. We’ve told them about dressing children in full-sleeved clothes, and since quite a few children have been reporting stomach ache, we have advised them to avoid food from outside,” said principal Jyoti Arora.
“Parents themselves have been writing to us if their children were coming down with fever or a cold, they would keep them at home for a few days. We have been having attendance more than 90% regularly. The practice we have been following is sending work done in the classroom across to students who have had to miss school because they were unwell,” said Sudha Acharya, principal, ITL Public School.