Delhi: Neck cut by manjha, MBA aspirant saved by good Samaritan

A 22-year-old MBA aspirant sustained injuries after a Chinese manjha got entangled around his neck, which left him bleeding severely, while he was riding his motorcycle on Sunday. Right then, a good Samaritan who lived nearby came to his rescue and rushed him to the hospital.
Police said they received a PCR call at 6.50 pm, and that Abhinav had been admitted to Max hospital Patparganj. They said the victim underwent a surgery and is stable.
DCP (Shahdara) R Sathiyasundaram said: “Danish was appreciated in my office for his swift action in saving the life of a young MBA aspirant. He will be rewarded suitably.”
Danish, who lives near where the incident happened, said, “I had just come out of my house when I saw the accident. Abhinav began screaming and fell down. He was bleeding profusely from the neck, and I applied a cloth to the wound to stop the bleeding and took him to hospital in an auto.”
He said, “The doctor said if we had come even five-ten minutes later, he would have lost his life. The whole time I was thinking that he is someone’s son, and his life has to be saved.”