Kejriwal hits back at PM Modi’s ‘rewri’ jibe: Those who say this should be declared traitors

Targeting the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his comments on “revdi”, or freebie, politics, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday that people who call welfare schemes provided to ordinary citizens “free ki revdi (sweets)” are “traitors” to the country.
“It is very saddening to hear that on the 75th Independence Day, at a time when we all should come together and bring out a revolutionary plan to make education, health, electricity and water accessible for the public, these people…are trying to create an atmosphere to put a stop to all these schemes.”
The Chief Minister also accused parties of either promoting “dostvaad” (favouritsm) or “parivarvaad” (dynastic rule) but did not name any party.
“There is one party which is a textbook example of ‘parivarwaad’ and there is another party which is a textbook example of ‘dostwaad’. The time has come to take a pledge to end both ‘parivarwaad’ and ‘dostwaad’ to bring ‘Bharatvaad’ (Indianness).”
“In logon ne kuch chand logon ka 10 lakh crore ka karza maaf kar diya hai. Kaha ja ra hai un chand logon mein kai inke pakke dost the. Par iske baare mein koi baat nahi kar raha hai. (These people waived loans worth Rs 10 lakh crore. It is said that some of these loans were of their friends. But nobody is talking about this.) They just don’t want to provide free education to children using government funds that are actually meant for this,” he said.