L-G lays foundation stone of Delhi’s first bamboo park

L-G V K Saxena laid the foundation stone of ‘Baansera’, the city’s first multi-purpose bamboo-themed park. The park will have several amenities like conference spaces, watchtower, kiosks, huts, and seats for public use in a greenway area, with bamboo-curtained enclosures, said a senior DDA official. “The project has been started to enhance ecological character of the Yamuna floodplains and make it more people-friendly by making it attractive as a recreational and cultural venue,” the official said.
Saxena said planting bamboo on a large scale will help address the city’s problem of air pollution significantly. “Bamboo produces about 30% more oxygen even as it consumes far less water and enriches the soil,” he said.
Bamboo groves at the periphery will also help contain pollution caused by seasonal dust storms. Bamboo as a source for various economic activities will also help create employment opportunities and augment income, he said.