Late-night brawl outside Gurgaon club, 6 bouncers, manager arrested

A manager of a multinational company filed a police complaint alleging that bouncers of a club in Gurgaon beat him and his friends after they confronted one of them for misbehaving with a woman from their group. Police said the club manager and six bouncers — Sonu, Mandeep, Sumit, Nitin, Ram Singh and Rakesh — have been arrested.
According to the police, the incident took place around 2 am late Sunday night.
Police said the complainant alleged that he and three of his friends had gone to the club, where he met two other friends outside. “At the time of entry, one security bouncer touched my woman friend inappropriately and when she confronted him, he started saying things to her. When I intervened, all the bouncers of the club came and called their two managers. When my woman friend and I complained to the managers, they directed the bouncers to beat us and get rid of us. The bouncers then started beating me and my friends. Apart from the two managers, at least 8-10 bouncers wearing black clothes dragged us to the middle of the road and pinned me to the ground to beat me with sticks. They hit me in the head and face with sticks,” alleged the complainant in the FIR.
The complainant added that one of the bouncers snatched his friend’s Apple watch while two bouncers snatched Rs 10,000-12,000 cash from his pocket.
“The bouncers kicked and attacked my friends with sticks. Due to traffic congestion, the bouncers left us on the road and went inside the club while the managers threatened to kill us. My friends suffered injuries… my nose was bleeding and I was facing difficulty breathing. Someone reported the incident to the police and a passerby also recorded a video of the incident,” the complainant added in the FIR.