Noida detective agency illegally sold over 1,000 call logs to customers in marital or family dispute cases: Police

The investigation into a call detail records (CDR) procuring and selling racket in Delhi has revealed that a Noida-based private detective agency illegally obtained more than 1,000 call logs, the police said Thursday. The call logs were sold by the agency to customers seeking an “investigation” into marital or family disputes.
The initial probe in the case revealed that the private detective agency has been running for more than five years and obtained income tax documents, passport details, bank statements along with CDRs. Sources said that most of the customers are women and the agency deals with cases such as investigating marital disputes, family disputes, extra-marital affairs, background checks on families etc.
Deputy commissioner of police Brijendra Kumar Yadav (Outernorth) said: “There is a clear involvement of internet service providers and a government security agency. We cannot say if it is Delhi Police or any other state police. It could be a central agency as well. We are sure the accused were backed by someone who helped them get all the documents in an unauthorised manner.”
The investigation also revealed that more than five private detective agencies in Delhi-Noida are offering similar services to their customers. “The kingpin of this racket is on the run. We found other companies are also doing the same work. Raids are being conducted in and around Delhi to catch them,” said the officer.
Talking about the operation of these companies, the investigating team said the accused advertised on Facebook groups and WhatsApp by sending messages about the work their detectives do. Mobile numbers and social media handles are now being examined, said the police.