Supertech demolition: Placing explosives to take 17 days, meeting deadline a challenge

Placing the explosives inside the two Supertech towers supposed to be demolished on August 21 will take 17 days, as per a source, which could be cutting it close given the deadline set to bring the two structures down.
The twin towers are located in Sector 93A, Noida. Two buildings, Supertech Emerald Court and ATS Village Apartments, are in the vicinity of the demolition site.
With days to go for the demolition, the Noida Authority is on track to file its status report on Thursday, in line with directions of the Supreme Court in its July 29 order, sources said.
Once the report is filed, the status of the demolition will become clearer on Friday, the date on which Supertech Ltd’s miscellaneous application will be heard by the apex court.
However, according to a source, it will take around 17 days to charge the twin towers with explosives. Charging is the process which involves placing explosives in the building meant to be brought down. Given the demolition date and the time that the process of charging will take, meeting the deadline could be a tight squeeze, sources said.