Too many people failing driving tests, Delhi transport dept to bring changes

To bring down pendency in applications for driving licence (DL) and to encourage safer practices, the Delhi transport department is planning to modify various driving tests as it has been witnessing increasing failure in attempts to clear the tests on automated tracks, officials said.
The official added that the department constituted a committee in this regard and its recommendations will soon be implemented in all test tracks, starting this week.
Under the automated driving tests, officials said, the applicant’s entire driving skills are tested, while the testing module was different in the previous system. “Despite videos and driving tutorials, many are unable to pass the driving test, even well-educated people. Now, with the modification, applicants who touch the yellow line will not be disqualified. They will be ineligible only if they hit a divider or kerb,” an official said.
The department has also decided to increase the time given for clearing the reverse ‘S’ test. Earlier, an applicant had to complete the reverse test in 180 seconds, now they will get 20 more seconds to complete it. Similarly, the time allowed for parallel parking has been increased by 30 seconds to 150.
Further, officials said that now the criteria of touching the ground with feet has also been slightly modified. “Earlier, any candidate whose feet touched the ground would be declared failed, but now two-wheeler riders will be allowed to touch the ground twice with their feet. Earlier, applicants seeking two-wheeler DL had to clear a third circle that was smaller in diameter, but now all three circles will be of similar size,” the official added.